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Tumblr is a network of millions of user-generated, personal Web sites. It’s part blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger or Posterous and part social networking service, letting users create and post their own original content. Written entries, photographs, video clips or links to other Web sites — you can share all of these things with your friends and followers. Users subscribe to as many other users’ pages as they like, which show up on the user’s feed, or Dashboard. It’s also possible to give “notes” to other subscribers in several forms — you can reblog someone’s content on that user’s Tumblr site, “like” it, or reply. To further the social aspect, authors can opt to post their Tumblr entries simultaneously, or at least link to them, via other services, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tumblr refers to itself as a platform for short-form microblogging, also known as tumblelogging, a name that predates Tumblr itself. As of , Tumblr hosts more than 64 million “tumblelogs. Each day, 25, new users sign up for the site, and altogether,

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Active 6 years ago. Try putting in “lost password” or “forgot username” to get your sign in info. I even asked the xKit guy if you could make this a feature and he said it wasn’t possible. I hope you can use the TASK standard object? When I went to update my account I can not get into my account. Would you be able to explain this in detail to allow me to post links?

Tumblr suddenly has a bug in their upload stuff; this version of the plugin works Updated the Caption part of the dialog to show up to three lines of text, and the full text in the tooltip. Added the ability to set the post date to the photo date.

What has become so important is effectively conveying your brand on social media through images and video. In this quick-scroll world of social media, the visual face of your brand is often times the first thing your audience sees and possibly the one thing they remember. Quickly create, organize, edit and publish assets directly from the Asset Library to deliver on-brand, visually engaging posts for any connected social network.

Start Your Free Trial. These links will make it easier for you to navigate to the specific social media image sizes per network:. With 1. One bad image choice could spell the difference in attracting and engaging with this huge user base and being completely ignored. Make sure that you are choosing dimensions based on where you want the majority of viewers to see your image.

Say cheese: this is going to be the photo representing you or your brand on Facebook. This is the square photo that appears on your timeline layered over your cover photo. Facebook recently changed its Profile image for Business Pages to appear to the left side of the screen. The new look helps Facebook Business Pages stand out among personal accounts.

However, the dimensions are the same, but the photo appears on the page slightly different.

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The quickest and easiest way to make a book from your blog! Print your blog or Instagram feed as a book in just a few steps. Print your blog as a book to share and experience in a whole new way. To share with friends in a beautifully bound volume. The easiest way to make a book from your posts just got easier! Try our NEW book making experience and save even more time turning your posts into pages.

is content advocating extreme weight loss by means of images and/or text posts. websites, no research to date has examined thinspiration content on Tumblr.

If you do upload an image, it will be stretch to be full screen. You can also choose an overlay color, and then set the opacity using Header Overlay Opacity option. Choose different borders for your Title font, or replace the title with your own image. Use a png for transperancy. By default the navigation for Chronicle Theme will hidden in a sidebar that gets revealed from clicking the menu button on the top left.

With Chronicle you can easily set Titles on Photo or Photoset posts. All you need to do is make the first line in your post a headline. Type the line you would like to be the title as the first line in the caption. This is a great way to create an introduction to a photoset.

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This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. Number But wait! Tumblr is a unique platform that encourages your audience to engage with you, and you with them. Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform launched in

Tumblr image sizes Bonus: Get the always-up-to-date social media image size cheat sheet. Tumblr images in a shared link or text post.

Tumblr offers a large degree of flexibility. There are many different ways to use the social blogging platform. Some log on to Tumblr to socialize with others, to highlight their artistic endeavors or to document their adventures abroad. There is, of course, no one way to use Tumblr. Because the platform is open to different kinds of posts and interactions, the opportunities and flexibility are endless. Here are seven of the many ways people use Tumblr on a daily basis.

23 Hilarious Tumblr Text Posts And Memes That Are All Funny And Relatable

Posted by Lisa Clark in Blogging 5 comments. Just heed this early warning: once you get started, you might lose yourself for a few hours. Pleated Jeans offers streamfulls of fun. This is a hodgepodge of funny pics, animals lolz, videos and funny original content from Jeff Wysaski , who produces funnies for a living. If you need a daily dose of laughter, this is one to bookmark for sure.

Maybe this is a case where you should have a buddy around.

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It can be tough to keep track of it all. We also sprinkled in some social media image best practices. Pretty handy, huh? Featuring high-quality imagery on Facebook shows your audience that your business is legitimate, reputable, and pays attention to the details no matter how small. Facebook wants to provide a positive user experience and prevent advertisers from being overly promotional or spammy, so they check to see how much text is featured in each image.

A Tumblr run by an year-old containing submissions of the last messages After the first message she switched her phone off, cause ‘she was upset too’, in her words. It’s like someday, a “Good Morning ” text will pop up in my notifications up a dating in February and spend the carnival together (we are from Brazil).

When I was 9, I met this girl on Wizard She was my best friend. We used to talk and play together every day. We lost touch whenever we both started high school, but we reconnected my sophomore year. We promised eachother that whenever we both graduated, we would meet in person. Long story short, I havent heard from her in 4 years. This is the hardest part of any online friendship.

I told him that the reason I left South Dakota was because I was raped by a person I considered my friend. After a conversation where we admitted we were looking forward to seeing each other that night, but that she was struggling mentally. I got held back in work by an hour, 10 minutes before getting home I got this. She then sent me he quote at around 10pm that night. Now I am blocked on all social media, my phone number is blocked.

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This means finding aesthetic usernames that unused by people is rare too. Many good Tumblr usernames are inspired by pop culture references, celebrity names, famous quotes, fictional characters, and song lyrics. Generate Tiktok Names and check availability. Fursona name generator. INeedAGod 2. A fursona is an alter ego or identity assumed by somebody part of the furry fandom.

Home of the XKit extension for Tumblr. Click on the Post Block button to prevent a post from appearing on your dashboard. your Tumblr settings page is correct, incorrect Timezone setting can cause Timestamps to show wrong date/​time.

To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 41, times. Learn more Do you have a Tumblr account that lacks followers? Do you create hilarious text posts that nobody seems to get? Just follow our step-by-step plan and become the social media icon you always wanted to be.

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